6 Reasons To Hire A Professional Painter

Thinking of painting? Hiring a professional painter is a good idea you won't regret.

At first it may seem like a great idea to do it yourself. Being a painter doesn't look that hard, you just throw some tape on stuff you don't want painted, put on some old ragged clothings and start swinging that paint brush and rolling that roller right? Think again, painting can be tricky business and there is a lot of skill and know-how to be a painter. Typically big box stores will not take the time to review all the details you end up dealing with to complete that paint job. If I had a nickel for every poor piece of advice I've heard given at a big box store I'd be a 'thousand-aire' off that income alone! 

But really, I've heard a lot of upset DIY painters with concerns such as "I've put 6 coats of paint on and it still looks like it needs 2 more." This is the reality of painting for some people when they're not sure what they were getting themselves into. Enough rambling, onto the 6 reasons to hire professional painters:


1. Preparation before painting.

Preparation is the crucial first-step when painting interior or exterior. This involves cleaning, caulking, patching, sanding, using the proper primers, using the right cleaners and/or applying the proper surface treatment. A professional painter will ensure that the surface has the correct properties before paint application. Proper paint preparation can be the difference between an elegant flawless finish and a horrible job gone so wrong you might as well tear the wall down. Leaving this step up to professional painters with the experience and knowledge necessary is a great way to end up with fantastic results.


2. Selecting the right paint and primers.

There are a ton of paint manufacturers making paint for all kinds of applications. Trusting the latest marketing scheme is not always the best idea when selecting a paint to use. When you hire a professional painter you're hiring the vast experience and knowledge of paint products they've used in real life applications. Chances are if you've heard about it, the professional painter has used it and experienced it's pros and cons. Selecting the right product for a job can be the difference between 8 coats and 2 coats or a paint job that lasts a year and one that lasts 10 years.

3. Painting can be dangerous.

There are many dangers when it comes to painting. Ladders are typically used by painters to reach tall heights, old houses can contain lead in the paint requiring highly specialized work to remove, some paints have dangerous chemicals that are not only explosive but also highly toxic. If you don't know what you're getting yourself into, you've got a problem, and that's that you don't know what you're getting into! A professional painter will know how best to approach each of these situations to ensure a safe well completed paint job.


4. Getting a high quality finished paint job.

There are many gimmicks and painting 'tools' that claim to give flawless fast cutting abilities. This is the case if you have the exact duplicate conditions they show these products performing flawlessly in. Chances are very good that you do not have those same conditions, you'd be amazed at how many variables are at play in that small space where a wall meets a ceiling. A professional painter will be able to produce great results with a simple high quality brush and his highly tuned skills. Under normal circumstances painters do not need to apply painters tape to get beautifully straight cut-in lines, besides usually paint bleeds under painters tape and leaves a scraggly edge. For a top notch high quality paint job, trust only professional painters.

5. Paint cleanup and paint disposal

There are laws and rules that must be adhered to when disposing of paint and these are in place to protect the environment. A professional painter will understand these laws. Plus paint can be messy and cleanup a hassle; messy brushes, rollers, paint trays, drop clothes, painters plastic, painters tape, it goes on and on. Typically painters re-use 80% of their equipment so they understand paint clean up and take care not to leave your place spotless. Professional painters understand all of these cases and know what to do when to handle any left over paint in an environmentally responsible manner.

6. Experience, experience and .. experience.

There's one reason that's come up in all of the above reasons, all of these reasons can be refined into professional painters experience. There is a reason why people hire accounts to do their books, because they KNOW their business. Painting may seem easy at first but once you really get down to it hiring a professional painter is your best choice to get flawless results.

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